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Driving Lesson Rates and Packages

Learn how to drive at Auto Schools Inc. We offer driving lessons for students under 18 and adults who want to become skilled drivers. Lessons are available to individuals throughout Boston, Randolph, and surrounding areas! Contact us to learn more information or enroll online 24/7.  Most Driver's Ed Students complete all their training 90 days or less, transfers are welcome!

General Rates:

Level 1 Beginners Package

  • K.C Package: (5 days) 45 mins - $175

Level 2 Basic Fundamental Packages

  • 45 mins for (1 day) - $50
  • 45 mins for (6 days) - $300
  • 45 mins for (12 days) - $600
  • RON Package (5 - 90 mins days & Vehicle for Road Test) - $490

Level 3 Advance Driving Packages

  • Two-Hours Driving Lessons: - $130
  • Bronze Package: (Two days) 120-Minute Sessions - $260.00
  • Silver Package: (Three days) 120-Minute Sessions - $390.00
  • Gold Package: (Six days) 120-Minute Sessions - $780.00
  • Platinum Package: (Ten days) 120-Minute Sessions - $1200.00
  • Emerald Package: (Six days) 120-Minute Sessions plus the Vehicle for the Road Test - $910.00 Cash Back of $215 if you Pass your Road Test on your first try.
  • Diamond Package (Three days) 120-Minute Sessions plus the Vehicle for the Road Test - $520 Cash Back of $85 if you Pass your Road Test on your first try.
  • Pearl Package (Two days) 120-Minute Sessions plus the Vehicle for the Road Test - $390 Cash Back of $30 if you Pass your Road Test on your first try.
  • Road Test Preparation Course: (One day)120-Minute Session, 60-Minute Classroom Time, and a Vehicle for the Road Test only - $390.00
  • Driving Instructor Training Course: $3000.00

Road Test Sponsor Fees and Sites to take the Road Test

  • Vehicle for Road Test for Non-Students: $160.00
  • Vehicle for Road Test for our Students only: $130.00
  • Auto Schools Inc. only goes to these Road Test Sites, Braintree, Brockton, and Taunton. Monday - Friday, You can book your test for any time for that day...but we can only bring you in the morning, Just ask the Instructor for more details!

Now Expanding our Training in these Areas for Driving Hours for all ages!

Needham, Dedham, Norwood, Newton, Weston, Natick, Wellesley, Easton

Driving Lessons Dorchester MA | Male Driver

Driver's Ed. Lessons for Students under 18 Years old:

  • Complete Driver's Ed. Course: 30 Hours of Classroom Time, 12 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Driving, and Six Hours of Observation and Parent Classroom Time: $800.00
  • Driver's Ed Student Behind-the-Wheel Only: 12 Hours of Driving and Six Hours of Observation Time: $500.00
  • Additional 12 Hours for Driver's Ed. Students Only: $680.00
  • Driver's Ed. Student: 30 Hours of Classroom Time Only: $300.00

*Note: No permit is required to begin classroom time.

Adult Male Driver

Adult Driver's Ed. 18 Years or Older:

Adult Driver's Ed. Course: Classroom Time with 15 Modules, 12 Hours of Driving, and Six Hours of Observation Time — $750.00
*Note: You must have a Massachusetts learner's permit to drive,  must mention this amount for discount (the vehicle for road test and a DE certificate cost extra).

Please Note

Auto Schools Inc. has the right to adjust all students' driving time to fit the schedule for 120-minute driving lessons. Students who book their driving lessons far in advance may have their driving time adjusted. Students can either accept the new driving time, if any, or reschedule at no additional charge if they cannot make the new time. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Prices are subject to change without notice.