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The Next Driver's Ed Course Dates are located under Teen Enrollment for all ages! 

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If any Students/Parents have questions or concerns, you can Call or Text Instructor Mr. Dave at 617-959-9629. 

Welcome to Auto Schools Inc.

Instructor Mr. Dave starts training at 6am to 12pm Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday and Wednesday training starts from 6am to 4pm.
Instructor Nadine starts training at 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday
Instructor Jan Office Hours are 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday call 781-767-4766 or visit in person if you have questions.

Auto Schools Inc. is known by its students as a "Real Deal" Driving School...with Real Results! We now offer 3 different level of driver training that will fit your needs and budget.

Level 1 is the Beginners Package, this package is for new and nervous students that never driven before etc., students get 5 days of driving, this package only let the student get familiar with the gas, brake, steering wheel and signals. Students can drive on side streets or in traffic depending on the student. Level 1 students don't drive in bad weather. With this package students can learn at their own pace until they feel ready to move to the next level of driving. The Driving School will make adjustments in the schedule for Level 3 students, so your time maybe adjusted without notice!

Level 2  is the Basic Fundamental Packages, this package is for students that want to learn certain things when it comes to driving. For example: Parallel Parking, Three Point Turns, Driving in light traffic, things that could be on the road test etc., for 1 to 12 days. Students may drive in different areas, traffic etc and learn at their own pace. Students must be able to perform all driving tasks on their own! The Driving School will make adjustments in the schedule for Level 3 students, so your time maybe adjusted without notice!

Level 3  is Advance Driving Packages, Serious Training for Serious Students...this package is for students that truly want to know where they stand when it comes to driving for 2 hours per day! This level has no short cuts, we only teach real-world driving. No Side Streets, No Parking Lots, No Staying in the same Area going in circles, No holding onto the Steering Wheel or Hitting the Brakes...unless the student is about to lose control. All Level 3 Students must book for 2 hours straight on the same day or have 2 different times on the same day, the Driving School will make the adjustment in your schedule. If student only book 1 hour for that day...student will be taken off the schedule for that day. 

Students can select any Level that suits their needs as many times until they are either ready to move to the next level or ready to take their road test, all Driving Level teach students about Accident Avoidance and Defensive Driving!

Take a look at the real pictures below, of the places we take our students and try to bring out the best in them as they learn their new skills of driving.

Auto Schools Inc. Enrollments steps and Policies/Rules for all Students

  1. Click on the learn to drive page for our prices and select the option for "Teen" or "Adults" enrollment.
  2. Select the Level and Package that fits your needs, input your Mass Permit Information as it appears and make your payment.
  3. Auto Schools will activate your account
  4.  You will receive your username and password by email, and then you will click on the about us page and select student login.
  5.  Select the date and time that is available, update the address where you want to be picked up from and click the save option.
  6.  On the day of your lesson, please be ready to drive at least 15 mins. to 45 mins earlier and listen for the horn from the instructor, because we don't call, we have student in different areas, so if we show up late...we'll make up your time! 
  7. It's the student's responsibility to book and cancel any driving lessons, 12 hours before their lesson start, or you'll be charged $45 for no show or late cancelation for 2 hours lesson and for 45 mins lesson you will lose that time.
  8. Our Instructor(s) won't wait more than 3 minutes for all home pickups, so listen out for the horn!
  9. Last-minute cancellation students must text Instructor Mr. Dave before their instructor is en route to their location, or else the student will be charged $45 for no show or late cancel and for 45 mins lesson you will lose that time.
  10. All students must have their Mass Permit or Drivers License with them at all times, NO phone picture etc., will be accepted.
  11. Auto Schools Inc. can reschedule or Cancel any students lesson for unforeseen situations etc.
  12. Adults Students don't have to come to the school to sign any contracts, only Drivers Ed Students!
  13. Students can login to their account to see all their lessons schedule, payments made, the system will send students a reminder of any upcoming driving lessons booked. 

We stand 100% behind our training, we strongly believe, as long as our students follow and apply their training taught by the Instructor(s) at Auto Schools Inc., they have nothing to fear once they’re on their own.

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Here are some of the driving conditions, that some students are taught to drive in at Auto Schools Inc.

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