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Driver's Ed Course Enrollment


Driver’s Ed Course

Auto Schools Driver’s Ed Course is for Teens and Adults of all ages.

The classroom portion, students will have a clear understanding of the dos and don’ts when it comes to driving and maintaining their vehicle. Our students will be taught two sets of driving skills Technical and Safety.

Parent Class portion is a minimum of 2 hours. Auto Schools Inc. parents enjoy this class because it’s very knowledgeable, and time goes by quickly. We understand that a lot of parents have a busy schedule, so we conduct parent classes that’s work for both sides, instead of one class fits all.

Behind the Wheel, all driver's ed students are taught real-world driving for 2 hours per day only. Driver's Ed Students can drive in all weather and traffic conditions from the beginning. Students are taught how to put fuel in the school car, drive in different areas, highway driving, understand the features inside the vehicle i.e. wipers, warning lights, adjusting seats and mirrors etc. Observations, all student must call or text Mr. Dave 617-959-9629 to see if there's any openings, all obsevations are on a first come...first serve bases!

All Levels students can only book one hour in the system, the driving school staff will make all the adjustments in your schedule, so you can drive for 2 hours…if we can’t put you in for 2 hours for that day, we will take you out the system for that day, and you will have to reschedule for another day, so check your email or login to your account for all updates!

Auto Schools Inc. Enrollment Policies/Rules for all D.E. Students

  1. Once you select the package that you want, input your permit information as it appears and make your payment.
  2. We’ll activate your account within 24 hours or less.
  3. You will receive your username and password by email, you then click on “student login”.
  4. Select the days and times that’s available, make sure you update the address where you want us to pick you up from and click the save option..
  5. You will receive an confirmation email that you have a scheduled appointment for the day and time you selected, just make sure you check your email or login to your account for any updates that we made.
  6. On the day of your lesson, please be ready to drive at least 15 mins. to 45 mins earlier and listen for the horn from the instructor, because we don't call, we have student in different areas, so if we show up late...we'll make up your time!
  7. It's the student's responsibility to book and cancel any driving lessons, 12 hours before their lesson start, or you'll be charged $45 for no show or late cancelation.
  8. Our Instructor(s) won't wait more than 3 minutes for all home pickups, so listen out for the horn!
  9. Last-minute cancellation or no show, your instructor will decide if they want the driving school to charge you the $45 fee for no show or late cancel.
  10. All students must have their Permit or Drivers License with them at all times, NO phone picture etc., will be accepted.
  11. Auto Schools Inc. can reschedule or cancel any students lesson for unforeseen situations etc.
  12. The system will send all students a reminder of any upcoming driving lessons booked the day before and any cancelations made by the driving school, so check your email

Driver's Ed. Students 15.9 Years and Older:

Most Driver's Ed Students complete all their training in 90 days or less, transfers are always welcome!

  • Complete Driver's Ed. Course: 30 Hours of Classroom Time, 12 Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Driving, and Six Hours of Observation and Parent Classroom Time: $850.00
  • Driver's Ed Student Behind-the-Wheel Only: 12 Hours of Driving and Six Hours of Observation Time: $550.00
  • Additional 12 Hours for Driver's Ed. Students Only: $680.00
  • Driver's Ed. Student: 30 Hours of Classroom Time Only: $300.00

*Note: No permit is required to begin classroom time.

Adult Male Driver

Please Note

Auto Schools Inc. has the right to adjust all students' driving time to fit the schedule for 120-minute driving lessons. Students who book their driving lessons far in advance may have their driving time adjusted. Students can either accept the new driving time, if any, or reschedule at no additional charge if they cannot make the new time. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS. Prices are subject to change without notice.