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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Question: Why on Google Auto Schools Inc. have way less reviews than other driving schools?
Answer: We don't ask any of our students or their family members to give us any reviews. Any student or their family members can choose to leave a review if they want to. Even people that NEVER trained with us...are nice enough to leave FAKE Negative Reviews on Google about us. We're an Accredited Driving School with ZERO Negative Reviews with the BBB with a Real A+ Rating with Real Results!

Question: How do I get to Auto Schools Inc. by public transportation?
Answer: From Dorchester, you can take the MBTA Bus# 240 or BAT Bus# 12 from Ashmont Station and get off the bus in Randolph Center or when and see Enterprise Car Rental on the left side. From Brockton, take BAT Bus# 12 and get off the bus in Randolph Center or when you see Enterprise Car Rental on the right side. From Quincy Center you can take the MBTA Bus# 238 and get off the bus in Randolph Center, and take a very short walk on N. Main Street towards the CVS that will be on your right side until you see the Enterprise Car Rental that will also be on your right side. 

Question: Why don't Auto Schools have alot of pictures of students in the classroom and pictures of students that pass their road test posted on your website like other driving schools?
Answer: We're not like other Driving Schools...we rather post Real Pictures of driving conditions and post Real informations of what all our students learn at Auto Schools Inc. this is why 95% of our students pass their road test on their first try and can drive in real traffic when they get their driver's license.

Question: Does Auto Schools Inc., considers your driving school #1in the area?
Answer: No! But we are considered 1 of the best top 10 driving schools in the area and surrounding communities...Randolph, Holbrook, Avon, Brockton, Braintree, Stoughton etc. so we heard. 

Question: I’ve never driven before what driving package should I get?
Answer: We recommend all Adult students 18 years and older to start off with the K.C. Package Level 1.

Question: Why are you charging less on your Driver's Ed Course, since you’re an Accredited Driving School?
Answer: Auto Schools Inc., listens to our Teens and their families members in the Randolph and surrounding areas. Driver's Ed Course cost way too much...and continue to give your child top quality training for less!

Question: How old do I have to be to start Drivers Ed Classroom?
Answer: 15 years and 9 months, No Permit needed for Classroom.

Question: If I just want to learn how to pass my road test only, can I come to Auto Schools Inc.?
Answer: Yes, just select Level 2 Basic Fundamental.

Question: Why does Auto Schools Inc. have a no short cut policy?
Answer: Our no short cut policy is for Level 3 students only.

Question: I had my drivers license for a while now, but I still don't feel safe to be driving on my own, can I come to Auto Schools Inc. for lessons?
Answer: Yes! We encourage any person with a valid driver's license to sign up for driving lessons with us Level 2 or Level 3.

Question: How can I enroll?
Answer: Auto Schools Inc. makes it easy for students to enroll either for Drivers Ed. or Driving Lessons, just go to the "Welcome Page" to make your selection, make sure you answer all the questions. After you enroll with a debit/credit card, we have to activate your account first, then you can go to the "Welcome Page" and click on the "Student Login" enter your username and password and book all your lessons 24/7.

Question: Can I make a down payment, or do I have to pay in full to begin my lessons?
Answer: All Students can either select pay now with (credit/debit card) or pay later (cash only), students won't be able to see or book lessons until balance is paid in full.

Question: Do I have to wait until I complete my 30 hours of Classroom time before I can schedule my driving lessons and observations?
Answer: Yes! All Driver's Ed students, must pass their final exam, their parent or guardian must complete the 2 hour parent class and as long as a student has their learner's permit, students will be allowed to schedule their driving lessons and observations once balance is paid in full.

Question: Does the Driver's Ed Class have to be Full in order for that D.E. Class to begin?
Answer: No! It doesn't matter if one student signs up for driver's ed or if a lot of students signs up for driver's ed. The class will still begin on that start date. Auto Schools Inc. believes it doesn't matter how many students sign up, what matters to us is the message our students receive and maintains, long after they complete the course, that's PRICELESS!   

Question: I have a balance due, and I can't book any driving lessons, why?
Answer: Our system won't allow any students with a balance due to book any driving lessons.

Question: What type of Drivers Ed does Auto Schools Inc. offer?
Answer: We offer Drivers Ed from 9am to 3pm Monday thru Friday the Accelerated (1 Week) Drivers Ed when the students are on their holidays and summer break and 2 1/2 Weekends Driver's Ed from 9am to 3pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Question: My friends and I want to enroll in the driver's ed class, what are the steps we need to take?
Answer: Go to the "Welcome Page", select teen student/enrollment, answer all the questions with your parents. Note: On the first day of class, you and your parent must come to the school to sign the contract and make your payment of $300 in your account online or cash in person, before student starts class.

Question: Can I come to the school on the same day that drivers ed start?
Answer: Yes. But we can't guarantee that you will have a seat, so we encourage all students to sign up online on the Welcome Page, Driver's Ed Course.

Question: Do any students get tired or bored after being in the vehicle for 2 hours?
Answer: No! Our students enjoy being in the vehicle for 2 hours; they don't get tired or bored because they're not in the same area doing the same thing each lesson...our students go everywhere and drive in different communities.

Question: Can I do my Driving Lessons and Observations on the same day?
Answer: No! All Students can only be in the vehicle for 2 hours per day since all our Driver's Ed Students are Level 3, you can do one or the other, but NOT both. 

Question: If I feel that I'm ready for my Road Test after taking one of your Driving Packages, would you schedule my road test?
Answer: All Student can book their own Road Test at the RMV Website, If student wants Auto Schools Inc to take them to their road test we need the date, time and location. We only go to Brockton, Braintree and Taunton!

Question: I have a road test booked; can Auto Schools Inc. be my sponsor, or do I have to sign up for lessons first?
Answer: You don't need to sign up for lessons if you want us to sponsor you, the only thing we ask, is that you pay our sponsor fee in cash before your road test date.